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Out of the Office: 15 Ways to Destress After Work Employee Well-Being

According to research, indulging our creativity not only bolsters our mental health, but our physical health, too. According to the American Institute of Stress, job pressure and money are the top causes of stress in America, with 61 percent of people reporting that work is their main source of stress. The problem is that this can magnify stress levels so that they are even higher after the commute home than they were at the end of the workday. If this sounds like you, now is the time to take the reigns and make your commute a time to shrug off the stress of the day. In the coming week, try to really notice your thoughts and habits as you drive home if you’re not already aware of them.

There’s a reason why thousands of people have become obsessed with watching these oddly satisfying ASMR videos like soap and kinetic sand cutting. These types of videos are linked to mood management theory, and basically implicitly make us feel more calm. Just don’t get roped into hours of mindlessly watching someone play with slime. Another way of prioritizing sleep is to use habit-building apps, which can help you mode-switch from work to rest time. Fabulous is one of the best habit-building apps, as it helps you create life-changing habits through bite-sized steps.

Why Your Digestive Gut Health Is Critical For Your Overall Health

Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) is particularly good for tackling this problem, and it can benefit your overall health too. According to a large study at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden, MRI scans of people under chronic occupational stress shows that the brain reacts to stresses by changing its circuitry. This might help it function under stress, but it’s bad for longterm health, including mental health. You should also incorporate self-care throughout your day to relieve stress, even if you’re super busy. Just start with the basics like keeping yourself fed, warm, and well-rested. Commit to eating a healthy lunch every day, even if you have to keep working while you eat it.

destress after work

Experiencing work strain is unavoidable — even if you love what you do — but there are steps you can take to keep job stress to a minimum. AI assistants like Alexa are great for maintaining sleep schedules. You can create routines with Alexa and schedule certain actions. For example, while creating a sleep routine, you can tell Alexa to switch off the television and dim the lights after a specified time. Coupled with an audio reminder, this can prompt you to limit exposure to electronic devices for an hour or two before sleep.

Anxiety overload

To get rid of severe anxiety after work, you may need more than a simple transition. You may need to dedicate some additional time to decompress as you take a bath, go on a walk, stretch, listen to a meditation, https://ecosoberhouse.com/ or journal. It doesn’t have to take long; just 5 minutes of deep breathing makes a big difference for some people. Many people bring work home with them, whether physically or psychologically.

destress after work

You don’t have to know which one is for you; the welldoing.org questionnaire is designed to match you with the therapist most suited to your needs. Find a therapist at the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy. However … we can’t ignore the fact that work is also the reason that many people struggle with stress and mental health problems. The 21st century workplace can be destress after work a high-pressure place, with constant monitoring of success or failure. Even in what might seem to be the easier side, freelance life, there’s the insecurity of “gig economy” jobs, with zero-hours contracts, and little sense that employers care about their staff. While sustainable job performance requires us to thrive at work, only 32% of employees across the globe say they’re thriving.

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