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He laughs in a way that indicates he finds some thing humorous about the truth that individuals are various colours.

spongebob is not the only character in the display that is racist, but he is the most blatant. 6. SpongeBob is racist due to the fact of the way he dances [ edit ]SpongeBob is a racist character for the reason that of the way he dances. He dances in a way that indicates he is a black human being and that’s just wrong. No one particular need to be dancing like that and it’s not amusing. Characters on Tv set and in videos have constantly been racist but it seems like SpongeBob is the worst.

He is often making jokes about black men and women and it is really not humorous. It can be not suitable for young children to see this type of stuff and it is not ideal for adults either.

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It is time for Nickelodeon to just take a stand and cease selling this sort of conduct. We require to mail a concept to kids that it can be not all right to be racist and that we will not stand for it. 7. SpongeBob is racist simply because of the way he eats [ edit ]SpongeBob is a character that numerous youngsters like and moms and dads can really feel relaxed permitting their kids enjoy. Nonetheless, there are lots of matters that SpongeBob does that are racist. One particular of these factors is the way he eats. SpongeBob eats factors that are brown and square.

These are the styles of items that folks who are racist would consume. SpongeBob also eats matters that are squished and unsightly.

These are the types of things that people who are racist would try to eat. SpongeBob is racist due to the fact of the way he eats. 8.

SpongeBob is racist due Best Essay Writing Services Reddit to the fact of the way he life [ edit ]SpongeBob SquarePants is a present that is racist. This is not a joke. The way SpongeBob lives is racist and it really is time you understood it. SpongeBob is a sponge who lives in a sponge residence. This is racist for the reason that sponge homes are typically spots the place black individuals are living. spongebob life in a sponge house mainly because he is white and he will not like black people today.

This is racist and it demands to quit. One of the main characters on the demonstrate is a white dude named Patrick who is usually helping spongebob. This is also racist simply because Patrick is generally serving to spongebob and he never ever helps black folks.

Patrick is a white male and he is usually helping spongebob. This is also racist. The way spongebob lives is racist and you must be worried. 9. SpongeBob is racist simply because of the way he enjoys [ edit ]SpongeBob is racist because of the way he enjoys his pineapple.

In a person episode, SpongeBob will save a pineapple from being thrown into the trash. The pineapple is so grateful, it sheds tears of pleasure. SpongeBob loves the pineapple so much that he refuses to consume it, preferring to hold it as a pet. This scene is racist mainly because it portrays the pineapple as remaining grateful for becoming saved and beloved, when in actuality, the pineapple is a slave. The pineapple is portrayed as weak and needing protection, in its place of staying an unbiased creature. The scene also promotes the plan that some races are greater than some others. 10.

Summary [ edit ]It’s no key that SpongeBob is racist. He is often generating enjoyment of various cultures and races, and it is not humorous any longer. In simple fact, it is really downright offensive. This is a dilemma since SpongeBob is a well known character and little ones discover from Tv set. Not to mention, SpongeBob is the encounter of Nickelodeon, which indicates a ton of children think this form of actions is okay. So what can you do?If you are involved about SpongeBob’s racist habits, there are a several matters you can do.

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