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The Biggest Myths Around Introverted Entrepreneurs and CEOs


To succeed as an entrepreneur, all you need is determination and a business that you believe in. Below are four tips for realizing your goals regardless of your introversion. If you’re a neat freak, starting a home cleaning business is a profitable business that doesn’t need much startup funds.

It takes much lower effort to put together than making videos for YouTube. But it’s so much more than the fact you don’t have to get “camera ready” every time it’s time to post a video again. If the concept of interpersonal networking is intimidating to you, seek out alternative ways to connect with people in your prospective industry. The ever-expanding network of professionals online can be a great place to start asking questions and getting to know people in your field. Introverts need a certain amount of alone time to inspire creative thought and recharge their batteries.


This is because introverts like expressing themselves artistically via their work. And creators function better solo, where they have complete control over the design of an idea without relying on a large group of people to create it for advertising or another group. Simply put, it’s not a platform I need to log into every day — just when I want to. Growth opportunities have really shifted on Twitter over the years, so I don’t personally use it as a means to grow my business.

Therefore, think about selecting the one that plays to your strengths vs. your weaknesses. After all, your success and happiness may depend on it. If you’re a good writer, this business is tailor-made for you. A wide range of writing projects is available, from copywriting to white paper writing to SEO writing. You don’t need a formal education to provide writing services, either.

In fact, there are some breakout examples of introverts who became some of the most successful business owners in history. Seek out events you like, whether they’re business-related or not. You’re more likely to be open for connection when you feel good about what you’re attending! Since many of us “quiet ones” are drawn to the freedom and creativity that comes with entrepreneurship, there may be more introverted entrepreneurs out there than we think. Though many people want to be encircled by others, introverts often prefer being alone.

Ep169: Tracy Guillet on Fully Embracing Your Introversion

Even Warren Buffet had a fear of public speaking, and he managed to overcome it. Don’t let your weaknesses stand in the way of your goals. When deciding what business you’d like to start, make sure you capitalize on your strengths—especially those strengths that you enjoy. For example, maybe you like writing, researching or mentoring—whatever it may be, you can definitely use those strengths in multiple business settings. There are hundreds of ways to promote a business, so focus on those activities that are most comfortable for you.

In this article, we’ll discuss what to do when you experience failure in entrepreneurship. More than likely your first endeavor will fail no matter how smart you are or how much funding you have. “act” like an extrovert or “put on a mask” during times when you truly feel exhausted.

Simple Business Ideas from COVID-19

It’s because most introverts appreciate working alone, so we can generally control any aspects of what’s being created. Instead of getting distracted by the latest trend or short-term diversion, they’re able to look at the big picture and plan for the future. Introverts are great at creating carefully crafted business plans that combine short-term and long-term goals. Introverts spend so much time thinking about their thoughts, emotions, and actions.


It also enables them to develop the trust of people they work with and for and, so, acquire a high reputation for being likable. Introverts are less bothered by other public views of them. The strain of being well-liked may frequently stifle innovation. Introverts feel better comfortable in settings where they can be alone.

How to Build Resilient Teams and Lead Through Adversity

Good payroll accountingers are good learners and leaders who understand people well. When you’re a good listener, you can not only generate great ideas but also avoid expensive mistakes. For example, there’s a myth that says introverted entrepreneurs cannot work well in an office or on a team, but this isn’t true for everyone who is introverted. Many introverts prefer to focus on their own tasks and work independently from other employees.

Why Introverts Make Great Entrepreneurs – WSJ – The Wall Street Journal

Why Introverts Make Great Entrepreneurs – WSJ.

Posted: Mon, 24 Aug 2015 07:00:00 GMT [source]

We talked to one introvert who shared a story about how he and his wife were at a couples’ retreat. Their “mentor” for the weekend was a loud extrovert who bulldozed over everyone else. Introverts don’t need the affirmation of a boss to feel successful. Extroverts are great at giving flashy speeches and winning people over with their charm. While introverts can certainly turn on the charm, they prefer to let their work speak for them.

Like everything in business, networking is an experiment. What matters is what you learn and how you choose to move forward. When you explore some of the world’s greatest writers, innovators, and businessmen, you’ll see that the majority of them seem to be introverts.

Becoming the hottest and most famous isn’t as important, which leaves more opportunities for unconventional ideas. Consequently, their suggestions are not just thoroughly studied and prepared, but they are also less inclined to comply. Thank you for an interesting read that’s given me some things to think about being a new introvert entrepreneur! But the content you can be posting on here is so much more than that. Out of all the non-SEO platforms out there, I think Twitter comes in as my number one! The reason I’m throwing this idea on this list is that it’s definitely a viable route to consider if you’re ready and well prepared.

Introverts don’t talk until they have anything relevant to say and usually stay calm in the face of commotion. Blogging can be a fabulous way for introverted folks to make an impact online. Write, publish, then slowly create and connect to make friends. It’s absolutely a contender for being one of the best marketing methods for introverts online. Hands down, one of the best marketing methods for introverts is blogging!

Kim Kaupe Shares How to Build a Powerful Network (Even if You’re … – Entrepreneur

Kim Kaupe Shares How to Build a Powerful Network (Even if You’re ….

Posted: Tue, 27 Sep 2022 07:00:00 GMT [source]

Many of us have a well-deserved reputation as thoughtful communicators whose goal is to make a meaningful contribution — not to be the center of attention. So how do you respond when people pressure you to attend an event? Say something like, “Thank you for inviting me, however, I have other plans.” It doesn’t matter if the plans are with yourself. Reading, meditation, or a quiet walk is essential to your mental health — and does constitute a plan. So, while people tend to be more introverted or more extroverted, most fall somewhere in the middle.

  • If you’re an introvert looking to run a business, you might want to look for extra help in areas where you’re lacking.
  • Even if you’re with your best friends, introverts find being around people to be draining.
  • Don’t let your weaknesses stand in the way of your goals.
  • People who are introverted are exceptionally suited to excel as entrepreneurs.

Most people wouldn’t assume introverts are the type to thrive in the fast-paced, aggressive business world. Introversion and extroversion are signature traits that ordinarily define how a person prefers spending his or her time. Introverts tend to prefer quiet, solitary, and introspective experiences, while extroverts prefer energetic, collaborative and social environments.

  • Thanks for this one, I’m going to start with the other platforms you listed that I haven’t tried yet.
  • People who work in a business environment are expected to be able to connect and communicate with people on a professional level.
  • And running the business does not necessarily mean going onsite; that’s what employees are for.
  • We spend a lot of time and energy chasing «happiness,» not realizing that it’s within our reach every single day.
  • And you’ll get support, accountability, and friendship from fellow introverted entrepreneurs around the world.
  • Yes, you have to take risks and you might be uncomfortable, but one thing we introverts are known for is being cautious.

Run Practical and real-world advice on how to run your business — from managing employees to keeping the books. Introverts are excellent at listening and truly sympathizing with any individual; this feature is precious when dealing with patrons, employees, and everyone in all different pathways. Introverts don’t utter unless they have a reason to say something. Other than keeping to ourselves is the greatest thing ever. There’s a connection between being introverted and being very inventive. Introverts have no problem expressing themselves, especially those who are artists and have other gifts.

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