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Project management: Tips, tools, best practices

These could include Scrum, Kanban, extreme programming, crystal, or even Scrumban. That’s because connecting Agile methodology with a more detailed approach produces a well-rounded project management philosophy and a tangible plan for delivering great work. It’s easy to overlook the need to be specific about issues of quality control. Projects inevitably involve multiple steps, teams, and sites—each layer of complexity increases the possibility of failure or inefficiency. Further, unspecified standards for each component of a project will inevitably lead to miscommunications and mistakes. Each phase of the project’s life cycle should have specific standards as well as specific criteria for meeting and measuring those standards.

That way you can put a plan in place that ensures project goals get met. In the past, some traditional project management methods required written approval from clients and important project leaders on any changes to the scope or schedule. However, that process was unwieldy and often delayed important work. In Project Management Best Practices traditional project management practice, the project manager would create a detailed plan upfront, including particulars on requirements, specific tasks, and deadlines. At times, you may want to cajole organization leaders for resources that can help the project, and you’ll need to understand how to do so.

What Are Best Practices in Project Management?

The planning and preparation phase is all about gathering the necessary information and resources to start the project. This includes understanding the client’s brief, researching their target audience, and creating a timeline for the project. Juggling these trade-offs is a key part of effectively managing the project. Sometimes things can be shifted around in the project team to accommodate the problem but at other times you’ll need to talk to business stakeholders. Doing so will allow you to build transparency and trust with your clients and confirm any assumptions before proceeding with work. Furthermore, enforcing a communication plan will ensure that everyone is kept up to date on the project’s progress, timeline, and budget.

At other times, you might need to replace a team member with someone who better fits the project and team, Brovkin says. Airbnb, Google and Dell all trust Wrike to aid their project managers. Project management uses processes, skills, tools and knowledge to complete a planned project and achieve its goals. It differs from general management because of the limited scope of a project, concrete deadlines and specific deliverables. But we decided to include it in our list because it streamlines a lot of the processes involved in design project management, such as collaboration, communication, and feedback.

Establish a clear project plan

As much as we may hate the political side, we need to be – or become – politically savvy. There are going to be those times when we have to negotiate, be connected, and pull some strings in order to get certain things done on the project and for the project. There is no prescription for practicing empathy; you just have to place yourself in the shoes of other people. The client might want more sales, but the senior stakeholder might want to use the project to jockey for a promotion.

Project Management Best Practices

That means quickly adapting and developing solutions to keep the project on track. One of the best ways to learn from failure is to have an evaluation after each project. It’s better to be open and transparent about your progress, even if it’s not all positive.

Ensure transparency in the project

Next, you need to organize the project team to ensure you have the right people in the right places. It may be hard to understand the power of project management now but stay with me. It involves coordinating tasks like creating a logo or a website design, setting deadlines, and ensuring that all stakeholders are on the same page throughout the process. Our multiple views — such as timeline, calendar or Gantt — help you effectively present the problem and enable stakeholders to make data-driven decisions to fix it. If you discover that your project has gone slightly off track or that your idea of quality is somewhat different to your stakeholders, you’ll need to take corrective action.

These meetings are important no matter the size or length of the project. Use this Agile project plan template to help plan your project using the Agile methodology. This template includes entries for specific Agile sprints, along with features within those sprints. It also includes sections for team members who are responsible for each item, planned start and finish dates, and current status. Issues and problems often fester at the lower levels of a project team. Lower-level workers don’t want to tell senior project leaders, clients, and key stakeholders of the issues for fear of rebuke or censure.

Schedule regular check-ins with your team

You’ll want to continually monitor and track progress in one online database that all team members can easily reach. Managing Work Collections of actionable tips, guides, and templates to help improve the way you work. Strategic Transformation Plan and implement change fast and mobilize resources to gain a competitive advantage. Digital asset management Manage and distribute assets, and see how they perform. Secure request management Streamline requests, process ticketing, and more. Portfolio management at scale Deliver project consistency and visibility at scale.

  • You can also take this opportunity to reflect on what went well and what could have been done better.
  • As long as you are within the baseline originally stated in the project plan, you are doing well.
  • Meredith graduated from the SI Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University with a degree in magazine journalism and political science.
  • This template is a great way to plan your resources, track the progress, and work efficiently toward preventable scope creep.
  • Some of the best project management software includes Wrike, Asana, Monday, Basecamp and Jira.
  • Some of these fall in line with the basics of project management, but it’s good to get a refresher on the things we already know, but still don’t incorporate into our work.

For cross-functional projects to work, you need to bring together diverse ideas and resources from… If your project was a success, you could celebrate by sharing lessons learned and hits with your team. You can also take this opportunity to reflect on what went well and what could have been done better. Follow up with team members to ensure the task is being completed as expected. Information provided on Forbes Advisor is for educational purposes only.

Make adjustments as needed to ensure the success of the project

Marketing & Creative Management Manage campaigns, resources, and creative projects at scale. Modern Project & Portfolio Management Connect projects with organization strategy. Enterprise See how you can align global teams, build and scale business-driven solutions, and enable IT to manage risk and maintain compliance on the platform for dynamic work. I will give you the final teachings to ensure that your processes are error-free and the designs you deliver will be flawless and memorable. Wrike helps remote teams transform the way they work, deliver the best designs, and exceed expectations.

Project Management Best Practices

That’s why I’ve included two key tips to help prevent scope creep in your project. Project risk management is a helpful process of steps that entails a lot of analysis and preparation that can’t be fit into a short tip sheet. That’s why I’ve linked to my longer guide on project risk management. Assemble https://www.globalcloudteam.com/ a team specific to project goals, ensuring team members have the right mix of skills and knowledge to deliver. Stakeholders can be any person or group with a vested stake in the success of a project, program, or portfolio, including team members, functional groups, sponsors, vendors, and customers.

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Project managers who pursue the Project Management Professional certification will want to be familiar with the material. The Project Management Body of Knowledge, or PMBOK for short, isn’t so much a methodology as a collection of best practices and guidelines outlined by the Project Management Institute . Mapping out these elements can help establish important project deadlines and define a more accurate project schedule. Always be seeking perfection by assessing the project regularly for ways to reduce waste and enhance value.

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