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Oct 05

AML CTF Risk Assessment: Step 2 In Building An Effective AML CTF Compliance Program

The BSA/AML risk assessment should provide a comprehensive analysis of the bank’s ML/TF and other illicit financial activity risks. Documenting the BSA/AML risk assessment in writing is a sound practice to effectively communicate what Is AML risk assessment ML/TF and other illicit financial activity risks to appropriate bank personnel. The BSA/AML risk assessment should be …

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Dic 05

Top 5 Spot Trading Crypto Exchanges

As an example, Bitcoin can be quoted at a price of $10,000 for one Bitcoin. Since the price of Bitcoin is shown as 10,000 USD, US Dollars would be the quote currency. AxiTrader Limited is a member of The Financial Commission, an international organization engaged in the resolution of disputes within the financial services industry in the …

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Jun 09

Биржа криптовалюты, как торговать и заработать на площадке

Антифрод система с проверками на безопасность в реальном времени, включая двойную сверку почты и телефона, аномально большое количество сделок, триангуляция арбитража, отмывка денег и др. Полностью настраиваемая платформа с огромным количеством функционала внутри, включая виджеты, неограниченное количество рабочих областей, дневную/ночную цветовую схему и многое другое. Несколько вариантов настроек комиссий, включая лестницу по объему, различные комиссии …

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Dic 10

How to Approach Influencers for Affiliate Marketing

Content They Do Not Want to Work as Affiliate Marketers Influencer Marketing v. Affiliate Marketing How to Gain More Views of Instagram Reels Affiliate marketing: examples Affiliate Marketing vs. Influencer Marketing: Which is Best for You? A brand’s guide to influencer affiliate marketing #4 Join a Platform Like Afluencer Affiliate & Influencer Marketing Webinar on …

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Oct 25

How to create your NFT Collection with Certhis

Content Why Spend on Intangible NFT Art? How do NFTs work? Stage 6. Upload collection Multiple Blockchains With Certhis Academy The Future of NFTs and Tokenization You can purchase this on a cryptocurrency exchange or through your wallet, depending on how the wallet works. That allows any NFT creator to set a fee or royalty …

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Jun 02

Operational CRM: Definition, Importance, Examples

CRM systems have moved far beyond traditional customer profiling functions. SAP’s Benjamin Stoeckhert reveals the most common types of blockchain applications, explains SAP product offerings and gives tips… It’s daunting for a business to adopt Industry 4.0 technologies at scale. However, cost may still be a concern, because paying subscription fees for software can be …

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